Hot-Desking is for the flexible people

Forbes Magazine recently  published this interesting article about the new office trend called “hot-desking.”
As of last week, my current employer moved our team to the big home office (BIG office) from a smaller building in another neighborhood. Along with the move, our team was introduced to this concept of “Hot-Desking.” I’m flexible and have adapted to it. The drawbacks are that I can’t always sit with my team because a lot of other teams also were moved along with us, and so it’s a mishmash of teams and unknown faces. How do I deal with that? I’m rather personable and friendly so it’s not a big deal. There isn’t even a designated team area, so we can get pretty scattered. When I log into my workstation in the morning, I immediately ping everyone on the team and let them know where I’m sitting in case they need to meet.
My only real gripe is that 1) I cannot decorate my desk because I’d have to carry my tchotchkes around in my already crowded laptop bag, so no more tchotchkes for the personal touch at my desk; 2) I have to lug around ALL my work items that I used to lock in my desk (headset for video conference calls, ergonomic mousepad, my trusty little desk fan which I cannot work without, my computer glasses because I need separate glasses to best view my screens, my wonderfully large thermal coffee mug and my wonderfully large metal cup that keeps my water cold all day, my laptop lock, my USB port with the 12 slots, pens, post-it pads).
The good part, all “hot desk” workstations have the same wonderfully large monitors, mouse, docking station, and keyboard. So at least that much I don’t have to lug around.
I don’t know if the hot-desking trend is as detrimental as this Forbes article says it is, but I do miss having my own personal desk that is always a home away from home and I like to be comfy in it. Oh well, like I said. I’m adaptable. I also love my job and am happy to have it.

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